Crash Rendering Frames in Cycles

I am seeing “silent” crashes when I try to render in cycles. (Blender 2.90.1, windows 10). The project is a 1000 frame animation, but the issue occurs even rendering a single frame. Rendering in eevee works fine.

The latest thing I added is some flames. I’ve got a source with a particle system that starts emitting particles at some time. This source has a physics fluid simulation set to “fire+smoke” and then there is another object set up with a physics fluid simulation set to “domain”.

The cycles render seems to work for frames AFTER The keyframe where the particle system starts, but not before.

My animation is getting fairly complex, so I don’t know if there are other problems. Is there any way to see what resources are being used in general? All the advice is that crashes happen when resources are oversubscribed, but I don’t know how to debug the resources that are too large if this is the problem. There is no “crash” log produced, but last output when I execute the render from the command line is indeed:

Fra:1 Mem:343.23M (Peak 546.90M) | Time:00:02.49 | Mem:0.05M, Peak:0.05M | main, View Layer | Updating Mesh | Computing Volume Mesh Cube.002

Which does correspond to the “domain” object for my fire simulation. But the memory doesn’t seem out of line (I’ve got 16GB in the computer).

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Turns out that I found the problem. The particle system on the source starts and ends on a specific frame, which is fine. However, I set the domain’s bake to start and end on these frames as well. This works in eevee, but not in cycles. When I set the domain domain’s bake to start at frame 1 and end at the end of the animation, cycles works fine.

I guess this is a bug in blender 2.90.1. (The fact that the domain’s bake must span all the frames might make sense, but there should be a warning and a graceful end rather than a crash!)