Crash upon switching to Textured Viewport Shading

I’m having some problems with textures, materials and exports on many pre-existing .blend files, but the biggest problem I have is a crash on opening the blend file. For some files, switching to Textured Viewport Shading causes an instant crash in Blender. This makes files that were saved in Textured Viewport Shading mode impossible to open. Blender 2.49, 2.59 and 2.6 all crashes in an identical way and I have no idea how to fix this (I’m using the factory default settings for reference sake).

While I can’t distribute the file that crashes instantly (I purchased it on turbosquid for use in a project) and that I can’t post links due to being a new forum user, I can refer to another file that crashes upon switching to Textured Viewport Shading as an example.
If you go to Blendswap and search for “Aika Thompson”, you can get a .blend file that has the same issue as the ones I’m trying to work with.

I’m a beginner in Blender and my understanding of many concept is lacking, but my current needs for Blender are quite low: I only need to be able to take a few purchased (or royalty free) models, rig them, do some animations and export as FBX for use in Unity. I can currently build a simple working IK rig from a plain mesh, create multiple animations for it and export them in FBX format. The result is that everything beside materials and textures works fine in Unity so it’s the last thing I need to figure out: I’ll keep reading, watching videos and experimenting in hopes of eventually finding the proper method to accomplish what I need to do.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me in opening the necessary files that were saved in Textured Viewport Shading mode, or about using Textured Viewport Shading mode without having Blender crashing on me in over half the blend files I need to use… So any help regarding that would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

Edit: I tried on another computer, and the files actually open on that one and I can use the Textured Viewport correctly on it… I’m really uncertain about the reason since both computers have “fresh” Blender instals and I’d still like to get it running on the first computer if possible, but at least I now know that the files are fine :slight_smile:

I had the same problem when switching to textured viewport shading it crashes, after some investigations I’ve found the solution
In my scene one object had a texture with 8000x4000 px, after replacement to small one with 1300x700 px Blender swithes with no problem.
Hope you’ll find it useful