Crash when I press "P" ?!!


Strange eh? If I load a particular scene and press P, blender crashes.

Dunno if that only my machine / blender version / me??

Could someone please test the blend file?
You will find it at:

Ideally you should have the same setup as me:

Mac Powerbook G4, Panther 10.4.7
Compiled with Python version 2.3.
GL_VERSION: 1.5 (1.5 NVIDIA-1.4.18)

Thanks to let me know,


… oups, said something wrong.

It didn’t crash, I thought so because it made funny colors but it goes back to normal by pressing the “esc” key.

“P” in object mode seems a bit like it turns off the Open GL display.

Sorry for spamming …

It starts the GameEngine.