Crash when trying to bake NormalMap selected to active

Hi there.

I made a snake model and created a high poly one with lots of details for the scales so I can bake
a normal map from that model to a low poly one. Unfortunately every time I try baking blender crashes due to not having enough RAM (I’ve got 16 Gigs).

I tried lowering the the multiresolution levels from 7 to 5 but thats just not detailed enough for my normal map.

Does somebody know a workaround so I can still use my highly detailed model for the map?

If your object is too high res for your computer
Drop down to lower level to bake
Cut your model into multiple objects and bake each individually onto the same texture
Replace detail with textures
Add more RAM
Close any open applications
Instead of baking normals using the ‘Bake from Multires’ option try duplicating your low res object and use the ‘Selected to Active’ option instead
What’s your poly count at level 7 ? Is your texture large enough to capture all that detail, if not drop to a more appropriate multires division level