Crash When Trying to Delete Vertices

Model Error.blend (779.3 KB)
When I try to select all the vertices of the sock in the positive x direction and separate them by selection in Edit mode, it causes Blender to crash. I also noticed that if I leave them selected, then toggle Edit mode off and on, when I return to Edit mode there are numerous vertices on the other sock selected in addition to all of the ones on the original sock. Is there a fix for whatever is wrong with the mesh (which came from an online repository)?

Does your computer have low amount of memory? These models look like there is a lot of stuff in them.

I’ve seen a lot of meshes like these lately. Too much. Is it a going trend to model in tris instead of quads these days?

I’ve got 64 gigs of memory, so that’s unlikely. I’ve worked with far more complicated meshes/scenes without issue.

I haven’t been able to duplicate that problem with crashing. I do get the weird vertices selection thing though. Are you in Blender 2.93?

sorry for the double post. The weird vertices selection thing is present in 2.934 and 2.935. It isn’t in 3.

It seems I accidentally said the wrong thing in the OP (now corrected). The crash happens when I try to separate the vertices by selection, not delete them. It occurs both in 2.90 (my original version) and 2.93.

Mine hasn’t crashed yet, but its been a few minutes and isn’t done yet.

maybe it’s just stuck on the pinwheel of death.

Not sure if this is acceptable to you but:
Model Error2.blend (712.0 KB)