Hey guys heres a little something I’ve been working on over the past few days…

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

This looks great, ex-nihilo! I really like the texturing and modeling, and the lighting you’ve used here. Very dynamic image. The colors are also great. I would love to see a little breakdown of how this image was completed, such as the raw render, and what elements were added to bring it all together. All those little touches really make the piece very cool looking!

If I had any critique, it’s that I can’t tell if another ship is hitting the one that we see, or if something else is hitting it (such as a missile) or if it’s hitting a stationary object. In fact, if it weren’t for the title, I would have thought that an explosion had just gone off on the ship.

Fantastic work!

Thanks James, here is the breakdown of the image.






Flames + Smoke + Sparks:

Lens Flares:


Color Grading:

Done :slight_smile:

Very nice.

it seems like something that would be in a Sci fi movie.

Thanks for posting the breakdown! If I’m not mistaken, that’s Video Copilot’s Lens Flares plug-in, correct? I’m planning on purchasing that myself very soon. It looks very cool and customizable!

Thanks James, yes and yes :slight_smile:

That will be on the history channel in 50 years