Crashes after two seconds

every time I open blender and click on something blender crashes. like seriously, I’ve been working on a donut for 20 minutes and it crashed and I lost all of my progress. so I tried to redo everything, ten minutes later it crashed again (nearly rage quit). then five minutes before a crash. so I repaired blender with the installer’s repair feature. that didn’t help because now all I have to do is open blender and it “stopped responding”. help.

that’s stupid, of course,
but we need some more info about your hardware, I would recommend autosave first, it doesn’t bother at all and works quite well.
I would rather uninstall blender completely,
or at least delete the userprefs, or try the factory-mode if you have many addons.
is the graphics card driver up to date?
2.93? 2.83? same problem?