Crashes when rendering

Once again I have computer trouble:(
Whenever I try to render a complicated scene with many verts or particles blender crashes. Both with Internal and Yafray.

So do I just need more ram? Or is it some other problem?
My computers pretty crap ( Win98 and about 256mb ram:o ) so I suppose its probably that, or is there a bug with 98?

Hmm, I’d have trouble rendering much with that little RAM.

That said, Win98 goes wrong over time. It IS a bug! There is next to nothing you can do to stop it short of not using the computer, and eventually it is so screwed that something bad keeps happening. I’d suggest you reinstall Win98 (shouldn’t lose any data) and see if that helps,


Or linux works pretty well too. . . .

I’d say, get Windows XP, and more ram, then you’ll be good.

And I know I said the obvious…