crashes while starting

Hey community,

after a long pause I decided to use blender once again :slight_smile: So downloaded the newest version and installed it without problems. But when I’m trying to start blender the little window with the black background (like the cmd-window) opens and nearly instantly crashes.

Anyone who knows this problem our a solution for it?

Further information:

  • I’m running blender on a windows 7 (64-bit) OS and yes I loaded the 64-version of blender.
  • I tried to run blender without any other task open and reinstalled it several times.

Further information when I’m back home.

Thanks for reading and you’re help :slight_smile:

To help you, we would need more info: video card, memory, etc.

Also, do not install Blender, but download the zip file. Unpack, and run.

also specify if you have some sort of Antivirus installed