Crashes with Firefox 9 and Blender 2.6

I have been experiencing crashes lately with FF8/9 and Blender. Basically, with both open either Blender will crash or Firefox will at some point. My inclination is that there’s a conflict with opengl.

This is a Firefox problem, since I do not experience any problems with other apps with opengl viewports. For example, working simultaneously in Lightwave, Blender and Accutrans causes no issues at all - only FF wreaks havoc.

I suppose I should post this on the mozilla forum, but I would like to know if other Blender users have experienced similar problems with opengl-accelerated Firefox? FF9 seems much worse than FF8 in this respect (which also caused intermittent crashing of Blender)

For system specs, refer to my sig.

I have also been experiencing intermittent problems with Firefox + Blender in recent months (though Flash might be the real culprit here). Sometimes after running a few flash-based video players in Firefox, Blender ends up being unresponsive when loaded. Each event takes about a second to get handled. In such cases, Firefox (but sometimes just its “plugin-container”) and Blender need to be killed, and then Blender can run fine again.

Win Vista 32bit + Nvidia