(jojomonkey) #1

I have A T-Bird 1.2, TNT2 M64 32 meg (Up to date drivers), Win XP, and when I run blender it works well until I render ( :x illegal operation :x ), which causes some problems as you can imagine… any help would be apreciated I’m confused because it works with older drivers but then my games run like… trails off

(cree) #2

I had the same problems when I updated the NVIDIA drivers.
Blender crashed when I tried to render. It seems that blender doesn’t like the NVIDIA detonator drivers. I removed the drivers and re-installed the original drivers that came with my tnt 2 card and blender worked fine.

(jojomonkey) #3

Did That too… blender works great, GTA3 Works Like Crap, less than 10 frames a second with evrything set too lowest, thanks for the suggestion though… another thing u can do is in the render window set it to dispveiw instead of dispwin and it won’t crash

(stephen2002) #4

I have the (hacked) Dentanator drives on my GeForce2GO and it works fine. Never had a problem with it and the speed increase is significant over the Dell drivers.