Crashing 2.91.0

It crashes whenever I change the radius of the torus.

It happens on a brand new project with nothing in it but the torus. Trying to follow the donut tutorial but cannot even start.

Is that a bug?

Running on MacBook Pro 2015, Mojave, AMD Radeon R9 M370X

It is, on Mac:

EDIT: if for the meantime you need a torus to proceed, you can build one using modifiers:

procedural_torus.blend (135.2 KB)

Adjust the radii by tweaking the Strength setting in the Displace modifiers (called Tube Radius and Torus Radius), number of segments - by tweaking the Steps Viewport setting in the Screw modifiers (Tube Segments, Torus Segments). Once happy with the shape, just apply all modifiers, or use the Object -> Apply -> Visual Geometry to Mesh.