crashing blender 2.48a

Hello i m trying to achieve something with ipo and driven channel but it crash blender. so i tell you my different trouble and maybe you will be able to help me.
1/ when you use a driver it seems that you can only see if it work when you keyframe the armature and the driver it self. Is there a way to evaluate the effect without keyframing?
2 Once you ve done the link between the driven and the driver and that you get it work you dont see the curve anymore in the ipo the inf channel still here pink and with a dot at the middle. but no more curve.
3 i crash blender when i try to add more than one driven channel to the same driver trying to manipulate ipo crash blender.

I finnaly got it but driven is really hard caus it crash blender . At a moment it just mess up a part of my rig(when i move some object it scale some other) a real mess. maping attribut to other attribut would be easier…
My questions still need answer.
thanks and happy new year