crashing blender

I have a 2 meg file.
In edit click a, shift D,M - crash - every time.
i have 256 ram. win xp, integrated video card 64k
any ideas?
or is this the best ver 2.34 can do?

well, intel creates integrated cards

and they are known to crash [repeatedly] when doing things in blender [such as selecting empties, or bones], but this is new to me

the fixes to the intel problems seem to be:
newest drivers at 16 bit color
or turn off hardware acceleration

you haven’t described your mesh, but with a 98k quad mesh [very excessive] my system does seem to crash as well
[ati 9600SE, winxp, 1Gb of ram]

looks like a bug, lemme see if cvs does it


but not with 1/4th the number of faces