crashing game engine - windows 8

whatever project i do when i hit P the application immideately exits.

i am on w 8. that maybe the reason.

i tried stand alone player too… but the same problem happrns.

the problem i think is the incompatibility b/w w8 and blenderplayer.exe

the another problem is that i cant change my os

so is there any way to solve it.

I’m on W8 too but it works fine, the problem is somewhere else but I don’t know where sorry…

Blender works on win 8 and 8.1 even on win 10, so that’s not it.

with standard cube, it crash?
yes? Update your video card driver or direct x and try again.

does blender need direct x?

i am upto date with drivers…

maybe my hardware has drunk…ha ha ha

Every graphical thing needs directX or openGL, just like when you buy a game install it and… only blackscreen or freezes or crash on startup, install directX and those problems are gone.

hi i know that graphics cards are interfaced with api’s like d-X or open GL .

but blender uses open GL. right?

so it has no relation with d-X.

may be its my stupidity for always playing games. my Hardware is dead, i think.

sorry for wasting your time!

thanks for your help