Crashing issues whenever rendering videos

Hello! First off, thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully give your advice. Let me explain my issue;

I installed Blender 2.5 a while back, it all runs great, smooth, but whenever I try to render animation, it takes up 100% of my CPU, and shortly after starting it crashes… I figured hell, i’m having computer issues anyways, so i reformatted my PC, reinstalled drivers ect, and reinstalled blender, and I’m still having the same issue, 100% spikes on my cpu that eventually make me crash.

My current project is very simple, its a single cube with two array modifiers, it emits light of 1, and i have a postprocessing ‘edge’ on it. basically i make the array modifiers move and the cubes move and stuff, im sure you’ve seen the videos of what im talking about.

ANYWAYS, very VERY simple file, I sent it to my friend he said it took literally seconds to render the first frame, and for me it took over a minute. When I attempted to render the full animation, it crashed on frame 2 within like 10 seconds.

its the same way with every animation ive tried to render…

My comp:

i7 920 @2.67 ghz
3 gigs RAM
windows 7 64 bit OS

Ive tried reinstalling, ect, but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?! I would GREATLY appreciate any input. Thanks for your time!

edit Oh, and I usually render as png, and dont really mess with any other settings :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone have any ideas? need additional info, ect? Anything that you might know that could help…

When I overclocked my computer, Blender crashed a lot. I tracked it down to a bad memory chip. Actually the chip might not have been bad but I think my over clocking was causing too much heat or voltage usage and the power supply crapped out. What I ended up doing was pulling one of the memory chips out and my computer really smoothed out. So I only have 6Gb or RAM on an over clocked AMD rather than 8GB of RAM.

If you have messed with BIOS or built your machine by hand there might be something wrong. If you have a stock machine it might be something else. If you have 3GB try pulling out a chip and giving it another try.

Can’t speak to exact causes but the symptoms sound very much like memory starvation. Open a console window next time you try to render and when the crash occurs, see what messages are recorded there. If you see words like “Malloc” and “Calloc” it’s a good indication that there’s a RAM problem. Since the scene renders OK on another machine, Atom’s advice about checking your hardware is very solid.

ok cool, i was afraid it might be a ram issue, I’ll try pulling out one of my chips and see if i get a good reaction. I need to get more ram anyways lol