crashing on linux - memory issues ... mh

hey, I got some problems on rendering on linux commandline,
from time to time it stops with memory error…

Debian Linux 6.0

it’s a vm with vm ware, so any troubles on this?

any chance to get rid of it ??

this is the crashlog

Blender 2.69 (sub 0), Revision: 60991


blender269() [0xf84687]
blender269() [0xf848c5]
/lib/ [0x7fcceca7e230]
blender269(MEM_freeN+0x194) [0x1b3c184]
blender269(_ZN3ccl14BlenderSession20builtin_image_pixelsERKSsPvPh+0xb2) [0x1a54032]
blender269() [0x1ae91e8]
blender269(_ZN3ccl12ImageManager15file_load_imageEPNS0_5ImageERNS_13device_vectorINS_6uchar4EEE+0x348) [0x1ae8238]
blender269(_ZN3ccl12ImageManager17device_load_imageEPNS_6DeviceEPNS_11DeviceSceneEiPNS_8ProgressE+0x1c8) [0x1ae8488]
blender269(_ZN3ccl13TaskScheduler10thread_runEi+0x28) [0x1a4e478]
blender269(_ZN3ccl6thread3runEPv+0x18) [0x1a4ede8]
/lib/ [0x7fcced34a8ca]
/lib/ [0x7fccecb1bb6d]

I use a blend file with packed images, there are problems with disapperaring textures otherwise (= black transparent objects ;( )

^^ it also seems like it has to be a issue with putty, I’m testing a render right now with send to background tasks, ctrl+z & bg …
anyone knows something about it ??
I’ll post the results next week …

no, doesn’t solve the problem… ;(

Hi, how much memory do you configure for the VM, I use VirtualBox and standard setup reserve 512 MB RAM for the virtual PC.
This is to low, you should setup 4 GB minimum for a VM if you use 3d software.
It is also not very effective to use a VM for a 3d software, why do you need it?

Cheers, mib.

^^ I use 4Gb, I’ll make a test with some more…

today, there aren’t so much physical servers around :wink:
we endeed have only vm servers here…

I found out that it stops at “updating image” -with a (small 65kB) tif image texture …