Crashing on Linux

Hi everyone,
I’ve just installed Ubuntu 7.10 and I’ve already experienced a big problem with Blender 2.45.:frowning:
I’ve been working on this simple project of a series of simple meshes colliding.
Now, I open it in Blender, press P and the program just crashes and close without any warning.
Have anyone heard of something like this?
Do you think it could be a problem with the graphic card driver?
Thanks a lot

The first thing I would check would be the python version.

I had been working in Windows…but now I am turning out the Linux…but the mejor problem I am facing that I dont know that how create the atmosphere for game in the Linux operating sysytem…and I cant live without playing the games would anybody guid me that How can I solve this problem…
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Oh… I have the same problem in Windows…

Check the terminal (if you are not running blender from the terminal, you should). Is it giving you a segmentation error: core dump?

I’ve been getting unintelligible errors followed by a core dump when I use attributes (properties) that have not been declared yet. This problem only started when I switched to Ubuntu 7.10

I found that Blender 2.44 (from the Ubuntu repositories) reports the attribute errors to the terminal as expected without causing a crash, but Blender 2.45 (pre-compiled binary from is giving me this problem.

Try running your file in Blender 2.44 installed from the Ubuntu repositories (with Synaptic or apt-get) and see if it outputs any errors to the terminal. If not, run Blender 2.45 from the terminal and see what errors it is outputting for you when it crashes. Even if you can’t tell what it says, someone here may be able to read it.

Also, are you using the precompiled binary from, or did you build Blender from source?

I’m experiencing the same problem with SuSE 10.3. I tested Blender 2.45 (dynamic and static) python 2.5.
I tried the 2.44 from SuSE repositories but it says that the “Game Engine Feature is Disabled”

I’ve tried do compile from source, but no success, maybe glibc version…:confused:

Hi to all and thanks for your support!
The main problem -> crashing has been solved by fixing other problems with the graphic card drivers.
Now at list I can press P without fearing something disappearing…:smiley:
Other minor problems still occours and I deem they’re all connected to the graphic device… Anyway I heard that ATI does not so well support its equipment running in Linux…

Welcome to the wonderful world of linux.

I have a sure fire way to fix your problems… install windows.

Ubuntu is neat and all, and I applaud their efforts, but the only real use for linux in a production environment is for web servers.
Anyone who tells you different is a lemming, a zealot, a liar, or was just grossly misinformed.

We just lost 1 week of production because our boss goes around waving a huge linux flag. He will not allow us to dual boot to do our work. He insists that we stay 100% microsoft free.
Well last week the entire network locked up, we searched all week trying to figure out what the problem was, and it all boiled down to our boss installing Enlightenment windows manager on the server, and overwriting some essential libraries.Sharing libraries is the most asinine thing I have ever heard of, why cant they just include dynamic libraries for that specific piece of software like on a windows system?

So now, after formatting the system and re-installing ubuntu, we get to go round and round all the magic little things we had to tweak to get it working proper, before it was broken. Our IT guy estimates we will not be 100% back into production until next monday.
He also said we could be in full production by tomorrow, if our boss just let him install windows.

Our office staff has started a list of time wasting events.
Every time we have to halt production for some trivial, half baked software bug, it is going on the list.The list was started yesterday, and we already have 25 items listed. THAT IS ONLY 1 day, of doing paperwork!!

well anyway, linux is neat for the hobbyist, great for gurus, and fantastic for a webserver’s.

But as far as a production environment , it is a very stale, foul smelling joke.
You will spend twice as much training your people, compared to using a windows system.
You will take twice as long to install linux. Sure you have to search around for the windows driver’s, and the actual install is longer than a typical linux install.
But in windows , everything just works, you download a driver, click on it, and run it.
In ubuntu, you download the bleeding edge software, stop everything, and go to the Ubuntu forums to find out what cryptic .RC file you need to tweak to get it to work.
Driver installers never work in linux either, even though the Nvidia drivers have special little tick boxes just for Ubuntu, SUSE and redhat… they dont work… you need to go to the forums, and find that post on how to get it running.

Sorry for the rant, but Liunx has been a thorn in my ass for way too long. I am currently seeking other employers because of it.
Linux is making our studio look like a total joke, and I am tired of the punchline.

Anyway I heard that ATI does not so well support its equipment running in Linux…

you heard right, ATI is rubbish unless you are running windows.

just for the record, I quad boot at home, and enjoy my l33t desktop.(win x-64, Solaris,Desktop BSD, and Ubuntu…soon to be Fedora core)

Oooohm, you are punchin’ my little penguins belly. Maybe it’s just the wrong admin? Well, nevermind, it just sounds like.