Crashing only when..

I only get crashes when I’m already running a rendered viewport, and then hit f12 to render. (if its a heavy scene)

Is the cause for this always sdram? or would it ever be vram ? cause im only ever at 60% usage out of 8 gigs when this happens. or is it just trying to use more than the available at once ?

i7 2600k
560ti oc sli
p8p67 deluxe
8gigs ddr3 1600

You know- I ran into this on a few builds from Graphicall yesterday. I was thinking it was due to an HDR file that I was using for lighting. Everytime I tried to render, Blender would crash with a CUDA out of memory error. So I stopped trying to render from a rendered viewport. I’d go to wireframe and then render. And it still crashed.

Now, I’ve got 12 gigs of ram and two 1.5gb graphics cards. I shouldn’t be getting any kind of error issues.

However, when I downsampled the HDR to say, less than 50mb, it would render fine (I think). I’ll have to recheck.

are you trying to render on the gpu through cycles or blender internal?

and if you are out of vram you simply need to switch to cpu rendering or simplify your scene enough that it can render using a smaller amount of ram.

ah yeah i forgot to mention that. this is with cycles and gpu render… so i guess it’s my vram then :frowning: cpu is so horribly slow compared to cuda, haha. damn.