Crashing Stars

Inspired by the lyrics of a Rich Mullins song, this image will feature “thousands” of stars (not really, of course) crashing into the sea. This is an early render, naturally, but I still think it looks pretty good, in spite of the smoke trails that are without flames. Incidentally, any tips for improving the flames or the appearance of the water would be great.

Cool concept. Except for calling them stars…

Your beyond my abilities friend, which could just mean you took only two steps forward :wink: I’ll be watching this to see how you accomplish it.

I do have to comment on the distant two however, they look like shadows of the first two being cast on the sky.

I just found this page. It has some great looking flames and there is another place on the site which covers smoke:

Thanks for the link, Ezz. As for calling them “stars,” the only reason I do is to have the allusion to the song that inspired the image, so I’ll probably keep it despite the scientific inaccuracy. :smiley:

I’ll post again soon with an update on this image.

thats cool, but the water doesnt look right, it seems to have spots all over it that are reflective while the rest is not, try making those unreflective spots a little more reflective and a little whiter to sumulate like spormy water (looks like its stormy water).