Crashing while rendering on Fire Pro or Xeon

I am working on rendering a scene for someone and am very new to blender. I set up two rigs, a Phenom II with a GeForce 460GTX, which works fantastic and a Xeon with an AMD Fire Pro, which crashes on either the cpu or the gpu. I believe the Fire pro is unsupported so I was trying to render on the cpu, but it gets through 9 tiles and stops and then after a while, doesn’t respond. I have tried many different settings to no avail. Anyone has any ideas at all to help me out?


I was able to render on the Xeon after backing up to blender 2.62. Fire pro still doesn’t work. Anyone else using a fire pro?

I think AMD cards are still not compatible with Cycles rendering (due to AMDs poor opencl support). The Xeon should be fine though and kinda baffles me as to why it would stall a render.

From what I’ve read, AMDs cards just aren’t compatible with Blender. Fire Pros are certified for Open CL software, which is why I why I found it strange that it did not work. For the price, they are a lot more powerful than what Nvidia has to offer. I’m no fanboy, I use both because each is good at different things. I too am baffled by the Xeon locking up blender with the new revision.