crashing with ati4870


Having a real problem with Blender. It will completely crash whenever I go into edit mode or do anything that requires even a little bit work from my comp.

Vista premium 64bit
Quad 2.66
4GB Mem
ATI 4870
Blender 2.48a 32bit (I tried the 64bit version of Blender but it could never locate python and has exactly the same problems)

I found out that the error was being generated by a the atioglxx.dll file. I downloaded this and stuck it into my blender directory. It stops the crashing but causes the work environment to become so slow (menus draw).

It’s either a fast working environment but unstable or a stable environment but so slow.

Anyone else have a similar prob with the 4870 or knows how I can fix this?

Many thanks, Jake

I have neither an ATI 4870 nor Window$ Vista running here, but I think you should try reinstalling your graphics card driver.