crate/box texture baking problem and better model-creation?

baking in order:

1. select only: Plane_to_bake_wood
and bake its texture (with NOT selected to Active)
but to a new created image
name the result -> oak_dark image

2. select the Plane_to_bake_side
and tab into edit-mode and
set the generated texture-image
as its uv-texture
If it is not possible to set this
generated image as image in its material->texture
settings, then i have to delete this texture,
create it new, set the image and UV-mapping
and then i can use the generated image.
Why?  (i dont know!)
(sometimes it works at first try .. and i can skip
this step no.2)

3. jump to first frame,
so the Cube_lowpoly is at 0,0 and
select (complicated):
    first select no object,
    then select all the Plane.00x
    (those parented to the Empty)
    and as last one,
    select too the: Cube_lowpoly
    then tab into edit-mode
    and select the image: cube_texture
    tab out and bake it (with option: to the selected acitive)
    tab again into edit-mode but
    now select the image: cube_normals
    and tab out and instead of texture
    now select bake normals.
for step-3 there is the same,
it is sometimes not possible to re-bake,
i have to generate a new image to bake
to and then can use this in the material-tex-settings.

— this is as text too in the little blend-file.
the baked box has 54 faces, but this problem about the re-creation
of the texture confuses me. This problem came up to me, because
i wanted to create different base textures (darker, more lines…other coloring)
and i could not re-bake the first flat texture. I have ?always to create a new image
as something is blocking the usage of the old baked one.
Shure i can first create a bunch of different wood-textures, save those and then use
the saved ones to test …
anyhow, -
anyone some solution and last but not least,
any ideas to create better looking ones (without using real-photo-images)?


crate1_sample.blend (138 KB)

First thing- you have a bit messed up with modelling. It’s damn complicated, well, not the worst thing in the world, still, second. It would look better if indented part would show that you have separate planks there. Check, improve.
UV thing. So, let’s say you have 4+2 parts, 4 around, 2 bit different - lids, whatever.
Let’s start from 4. Take one, no need for seems, whatsoever. Seems are for potatoes and a like. Not for box like things.
Unwrap - Smart UV Project, click twice on Island margin - that would make 0.06. Now, every surface is separated in UV editor.
Get nice plank texture, set as image and start L select islands in uv editor window and group/place on plank texture, rotate if needed 90 deg.
When finished, you’ll see it will look neat. Now, set that image as a texture for a box material, don’t forget mention UV you created.
Make another texture slot, same image, just check Normals instead of Color. Value -0.06 is looking nice usually, ymmw tho.
We have left 2 lids to go - same procedure for one, same image - done.
If you need variations, move different uv plank parts to different places in texture image, change image or set different mix type in textures panel, it’ll mix with that pink colour there :slight_smile: - change that.

There’s no normal added in this image, just one texture. See gaps between planks?
Happy blending!

this seems an interesting way to use baking but not certain how to proceed even with instructions
i guess this is part of the new baking features for 2.5

is there like a sort of short video showing the steps for baking the different parts for a box like that

does not look like the normal baking for 3D objects in 2.5 !
like making a copy of object on layer 2 and then bake it for normal floating!


thanks for the suggestions, i think i will start again
and not use a wood-crate.
I will try to do the workflow for simple planes to create floor/wall textures.
You are right about the gaps between the planks. But this crate was only a first
step, there are too no scratches or other wood wrinkles.

Why this thing?
I want to create different textures with normal-maps, so at the end the high-poly mesh is used to create the texture-images for the color-, normal-, spec-images.
This should be used for etxreal mappings like this
picture (with the floor) demonstrates:

last about the problem i noticed for re-baking over an image, thats used alread from other objects - i think i will create multiple planes to bake the first procedural texture, used as base for the high-poly mesh. Then i only need to switch this and not re-bake it with different settings.

I thought the wooden crate would be simple enough. Now i will go for a brick-road and thats more not a cube, its only a plane.

btw, this is a picture for what i need it, a lot of missing textures
(and the new etxreal has options to use bump-mapping, thats why i want to create those parts too)

@eppo: at the moment i see different problems,
more like this
the brick-texture is made in blender and its not so complicated like the wooden-box
and as long there is no visual bump-mapping for me there
i have to dive deeper in this code-part.
First i did this small open-gl viewer to map diffuse+displacement-textures on a cube (from a tutorial by nehe) and now it looks i have to get into this GLSL-scripture-thing.

this is the link to the old sourceforge-project (now with a branch for etxreal):

They speak normalmaps over there on moddb. Have you baked some from bumped box/wall/whatelse?

The naming convention:

New style:**
diffuse: [original texture name]
normal map: [original texture name]_norm
displacement map: [original texture name]_disp
specular map: [original texture name]_spec

Thats the one redbluegreenish colored. Again, idk what level are we talking, i don’t do much of programmming, not that i don’t now anything about it… But that was 100 years ago. You seem to do C++ and opengl stuff.
As i understand it, since i don’t see any normalmaps in your pictures, it wont show any bumps in etxreal engine. Bake normalmap on new file in Blender, apply in engine. See if that helps.

yes, i have already seen and used this. Thats why there is the example with the beton-sand-like texture - its one of those from the pk3 they made and it has normal-image and displacement-image and i tried the same shader setting for my new textures and noticed no visible effect. Then i checked the view of those older provided and it looks the same for me. I already asked in the irc-channel, but there are a plenty people … (like bots) and looks like no one knows or any development is dead.
After this opengl-prog., i have now half the way to use glsl in a small display-program and the final state should be to use the same glsl-scripts like in etxreal, so i can check what may not work … or is not implemented.
I would not be surprised if it is a side-effect of another render-setting that disables it …
As far as i understood, with the usage of opengl-2.0 bump-mapping should be possible without any additional usage of cpu-power - and that would make it possible to run it with 60 players on map and no lags for the better graphics.
At the moment all other games like openarena or urban-terror are limited to a few players and start soon lagging with more than 30 players.

Yeah, development right now there looks bleak.
Only thing that makes me wonder - why would games you mentioned be stuck with that laggy-one graphics version? From what i know about being laggy for MFPS type (racing too, btw) of game mostly was caused by not wide enough network channel - server needs to receive resultof action from every player and transmit calculated result back to every and each player in reasonable amount of time. Might sound like little of info to exchange, but when you multiply that with player count and add network delays you sure soon start to feel LaaaaGGGGG!!! Graphics on the other hand is done on the client side - your PC, and that is good one usually… So… ET was like 250 Mb install - base pack if i recall it, ProjectTorque 1.5 Gb download - what do you think is in there?
Anyhow, ET graphics was really outdated, however some recently changed maps had improved a lot in that department.

Can you post example of your made texture set - diffuse,normal,specular- for some modified ingame object?
I dont think there could be clickable things in blender not allowing to make such a set of textures. Normalmap could have been differently done and that might give all kind of messy results, but that’s pretty much it.

no screenshot, but i got a simple glsl-shader running and loading my created brick-textures and it displays really the brick-structure. Next i pulled out the geometry-shader (glsl-thing) from etxreal used this and triggered the USE_NORMAL_MAP and parallax thing – and voila, its flat like a … surface. Now i have to get in touch with this glsl-language, because my working shader-sample has a calculation of the normals, that i cannot find easy in this larger … desert of glsl (and i dont know if it is the right to search … there are about 30 to 40 different shader-files).

But to the point of performance of those games. Quake2/3 had always the limitation and did use only small maps and for multiplayer only 10 to 20 players.
Old doom had only 4 multiplayer-players. (but i think there are only a few like me, who really did play this in co-op-mode … etc. — btw. this was a hell of fun to play with 3 mates in co-op and run thru the whole maps in less than 2 hours … always someone moaning if the spawn to next map happened to early … to collect some better items.).

With exploding computer-power it happened to often, that the “developers” never noticed the lags - they always used the ultimate hardware - and never did play it like real users. For me this is the main difference to the old doom-style games. The developers in those days did use it – and did not think about how to sell it… (make money).

To make money, you can easy trick the sponsors with nice looking eye-candy …
… they will never touch a keyboard or mouse to check whats really with this piece of software.

I personally have never seen again this “feeling” playing on a large map with over 50 players (on an old hardware, cause this was years ago) with such newer games.
Even for the newer quakewars (etquake) my hardware seems to weak (and there are too … only servers with around 20 players).

If you play urban-terror (a quake3 engine thing) then you soon notice that its really smart. The game-play maybe too quick, but the best thing is, most cheaters have no big advance - even its easy to notice those one-shot-hit-users, and they seem not to know. But, happened yesterday, a team-mate dropped in and the normal clan-greating and cause he stayed spectator some time i said something why he is not joining a party and if he is doing some recording stuff ----
– i had no problems the next time to be hit from those one-hit-players … :wink:
and thats why i still put some time in this server-game-coding-thing. Its easy to identify those cheaters, but the game-developers dont care. No human player has 100% hit-ratio - and other things too, like the disable of parts of the client-code.

Your’e 100% right there’s no such thing as 100% in-game accuracy, and cheaters now this thing too. For me, i used to be on 1 or 2 servers only, so anyone could check my ‘career’ data easily. Still there are world champ servers, yet better players, visiting and then what? Yes they maintain 95% to 98% hit, and still don’t cheat. There you need admin team to come in. And i mean team, not just a single one, godlike, allmighty .
Oh, of course if server belongs 2u, then… So it’s not always so clear about 1-shot-killers. Kernwaffe team was pretty keen on eliminating all that stuff, being fair at the same time :slight_smile: (waves hand, thumb up, 3/4 turned to them).
Enough. Different section’s talk.

I don’t feel up to diving into shader and normalmap programming right now, just thought if there are tools to export/import objects/textures in and out of etxreal… Well, drop a line if some good news!

haaa … my head is a bit damaged from this different glsl-things,
… old without ARB … new … then again using VBO …
and at the end …
i found a first spot, where this bumpmapping+spec … is disabled …

now i have again to cleanup this hell of trace-messages …
a first screenshot. Only pimples made with gimp, but the shiny metal-look is nice
and now i can go back to look what textures i can build with some blender base-meshes.

And at the end, i hope my ugly player-model can get some enhancements too
… i still dream of a kind of terminator-robot … or such a thing.

(ps. i have already changed the gibs for body-splash to cogwheels … )

and last, the link to create wood-textures (by eppo) is nice, … now i have again time to get more into that – until i want to add … the long wanted feature to climb in the game.


When done, drop a message and link to mod. Wodda been fun to have some in ET again! :wink: