Crater-like impact damage to a surface modeling - how?

I am wondering how should I go about procedural modeling something like these:

Mostly interested in the kind of radial cracking/chipping. Sculpting is a no-go, I need something like Fracture + displacement for rather random results.

Thanks for the tips beforehand.

did u try the planet OSL ?

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No, but I’d rather not get into coding at this time :confused:

in any case it is a very weird shape !
don’t remember anything like that !

and it is 3 D shape
so you want it 3D or only 3D fake?

not certain it can be easily done with proc texture!
but someone might have seen something alike

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Well, as long as there is a depth to it and I can bake normal/displacement map off it, it doesn’t matter whether it’s modeled or created with displacement modified using some crazy procedural textures :slight_smile:

The gist of this crack is a radial shape of a spider web, with hole in the center. It’s just shouldn’t be ordered and aligned. It needs to be jagged, misplaced and random.

It can be certainly sculpted, but I am not sure that approach if efficient and will achieve that natural randomness.

I do have a crack brush for sculpting somewhere
but does not look exactly squarish
function of a map done in gimp

may be you could use Gimp and see if they don’t have some square cracks!
and use it as a brush for sculpting!

good luck

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