Just a quick render I did earlier. I’m most likely capable of doing better but, this was just for fun. Anyway, here it is!

I made the individual crayons (9 colors I think…) then used a bunch of particle systems to arrange them all the way they are.

This is a great idea for an interesting use of the particle system. The results look great, lots of color. Did you do something extra in the compositing? The images have a softness to them, so they don’t look impossible sharp the way CG tends to look by default.

Great work, very photographic looking!

Yea… great colors. Just think what you could do with one of those 64 box of crayons :slight_smile: Of the two renders, I kind of prefer the second one the best.

Nice :slight_smile: But I can’t decide which one I like more. Maybe first one.

Thanks everyone!!!

@James, first is image is composited, second one is the original render.

@Harleynut, that would be insane… both the color overdose and the lag… I kind of forgot to make the crayons low poly haha…

@Elhzar, thanks! First image is the composited one.

Colors seem too vivid and clipped to me, I’d like to see some render with softer atmosphere, colors and lightning. Somehow I feel that some sort of fuzzy sunset or sunrise with dust particles all around would look cool with those crayons!