Crazy Ball, my first game

ok, you may of heard of that title before, but it’s not my game, lots of games are called Crazy ball, which I found out after I’d named it :confused: Anyways, the graphics are definateley not great, but I went for a more small arcade game as it was my first game and first experience with the blender GE. Yes there is another ball wehn you start the game, it was intended for multiplayer if you wanted to, but I don’t know how to make splitcreen.
Anyway, as I say it’s my first game and isn’t too good. basically you are a ball and you go around a decent sized arcade world, going through a couple of teleporters and finding little secrets. The Arrow Keys move you about while space give you a very high jump, if pressed repeatedly. To restart the game press R.
I’ll Post a .blend file and an exe file,
This game was made several months ago, now, but I just decided i may as well post it here and get some feedback.

If anyone could tell me how to make splitscreen, I’d be very grateful.

exe file: (Fixed)
.blend file:

Awesome for a first game!!!

The .exe is a powerpoint file? .ppt not exe. Also when I click play it says cannot open the file.

As for the game. Its very hard to tell the difference between what we are looking at. Textures on the walls and floors would be good. these types of games Checker board is totally cool, and easy to add.

The exe file, yes, is a powerpoint as it’s the starting screen for the game. As for not able to open the file, I thought i’d fix that, oh no sorry that’s the wrong file, I’ll upload the fixed version.
Thanks for the comments

but you can use the server/client script if you want to make a multiplayer game, there’s one in the forum, search. and good luck and keep getting better at blender. (hide in the shadow) MWAHAHA!

srry lol I feeled mad a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pretty sure I saw a splitscreen thingy on If not then “YOU CANT MAKE SPLITSCREEN IN BLENDER MWAHAHAHA!”

I relaxed a bit and then tought about it, I didnt tried it yet coz im not on my computer right now but you could use you basic scene for ,say, player1 and use an overlay scene for the player 2. the 2 scene have to got EVERYTHINg linked ( alt+L ) or (ctrl+L) cant remember… everything as to be linked exept the camera. one camera set to a different player in each scene: scene 1 a camera assigned to player1, vice versa. for the splitting part put (in scene 2) an plane that cover half of the camera view and parent it to the camera. set an alpha material to the plane so the half of the camera view will be alpha rendered thus letting you to see the other half of the camera view in the basic scene (scene1) behind the overlay scene (scene2). Of course its just something that came out of my mind quickly I dunno if it will works

You can do split screen with viewports
for the left camera use this:

from Rasterizer import *
own = GameLogic.getCurrentController().getOwner()

own.setViewport(0, 0, getWindowWidth()/2, getWindowHeight())

and for the right camera use this:

from Rasterizer import *
own = GameLogic.getCurrentController().getOwner()

own.setViewport(getWindowWidth()/2, 0, getWindowWidth(), getWindowHeight()/4)

here is a example .blend

Thanks guys, I’ll try and get it mutliplayer then I’ll send the file if I manage :smiley:

nice Pseudo! didnt knew about the own.enableViewport function :stuck_out_tongue: