Crazy behavior of armature in game engine

Hi there,

I need some big help with a small project. I’m trying to control a “hand” in game engine with Python. As you will see in the blend file, the rotation of the hand and the index finger are working well but the thumb is driving me crazy. I can’t make it follow the rotation of the hand… as the index finger is doing. I’ve been hours and hours trying to figure out where my error is, so I really need a “hand” here.
Please check the .blend attached; once in the game engine( <P> ), up/down keys sends the angle to be rotated, keypad_1 activates the rotation of the whole hand, keypad_2 rotates the thumb and keypad_3 the index finger. Watching only the blocks in layer 2 you can see that everything works well (in blocks), but something is happening with the thumb bone in the armature. The other bones copy the location and rotation of the blocks without problems, it’s just the thumb bone that can’t follow the rotation/location of its respective block. Of course, I would like to rotate the thumb in the same way as human hands.

Thanks for any help



robotHand.blend (208 KB)