crazy chicken

Title: crazy chicken
Name:Julio Cezar Pires
Country: Brasil
Software: Blender,Yafaray

nice looking

Did you model everything in the scene?

yes whole scene

Is that chicken supposed to be the owner of the bathroom? Cause I think it doesn’t look as good as the rest of the modeling.
The right foot is connected oddly to it’s leg. And the feet are too thick. Same with the wings.

Agree with Achatos.

And why is there an issue of Playboy on the floor? That stuff’s too good to waste!

I agree, the legs are weirdly connected to the body
And I know because a dissected a chicken last week
Besides, if the chicken wants to look at himself on the mirror, wouldn’t he need a chair…?
If he IS the owner of that bathroom, I think a rubber duck would be kind of incestuous

I like the concept, though