crazy CPU usage 20% at idle

I just posted this thread because my cpu usage seems to be somewhat excessive when at idle. (and a lot of people on this forum are nerds, like me) Process Explorer (from sysinternals) says that my cpu is at 20 percent when doing nothing. Services.exe is using about 8 percent of my cpu. I am pretty sure I don’t have some sort of virus, I have checked hard. It might be because of a driver like a guy said on another forum, but I had trouble testing that. Please help.

I am running Windows with service pack 2, 512MB or ram, 2.9Ghz processor, 330GB of space.

If 8% is from services running then I suggest that you take a look at:
Start-> Run -> services.msc
Turn off all the services you know that are safe to turn off and that you have no use of(things like remote registry that are more of an security risk than a service and eat up useless resources).
I’m fairly certain though that something else is wrong as well.

You may wish to check out Process explorer.
It is way better than task manager when it comes to chasing things down. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I see you already have ! Guess I’ll finish my coffee!
Have you checked for any rootkits?

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Go to the start menu and click Run - msconfig. Click on the Start up tab on the far right and disable all the start up applications and restart the computer. That should help.

Yeah, considering my services are running at 1%, I’d say you might have something in there.

I would say youve either got some viruses/spyware, or way too many processes running. Mine uses 1% to 0% even with anti-virus running in the background.

Sysinternals Autoruns is also a very handy and revealing tool, Again, much better than msconfig. It shows everything that runs at startup/login etc.

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I have checked msconfig quite a lot, I have 29 processes running right now (including firefox and blender) which I don’t think is too unreasonable. I also don’t want to turn off all services because my sound wont work, indexing service wont start etc. I happen to think it is because of a driver sucking up all my cpu, but I am not sure. I google searched excessive cpu usage and this is what I found:

I do not want to disable my drivers though, I really could screw my computer up. I am almost positive I have no viruses I have checked with: norton, mcaffe, avg, clamwin, ad-aware, security task manager, and some I have forgotten. I actually got my cpu down to 9% just by killing all unimportant processes, so only 12 were running.

this is my what my process explorer looks like:

You can kill qttask.exe at startup (just an auto update thingy, it pisses me off, comes back on every update). Your services.exe seem really high (mine flickers between 0 and .77) Maybe have a look at black viper’s suggestions
Adding up the cpu % though, it looks like only 6.04% is unaccounted for. If you boot your pc with no programs running, what does process explorer show?
I take back the 6.04% figure (my bad) looks like cpu usage is accounted for, plus the update times for PE might flicker (hard to catch in a screen shot).
With the programs you have running though, your system is not “at idle”.

it shows about the same thing:

Services.exe @ 14.93% ? Something wacked there I think.

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That wouldn’t happen even if porn infected people with REAL viruses.

I have checked with: norton, mcaffe, avg, clamwin, ad-aware, security task manager

Tried spybot and hijackthis? To cover your ass from all sides you generally need to be checking from dozens of different virus/spyware/adware/malware/killware/wtfomgware programs. You can post your hijackthis log on one of their forums and you should get some help figuring out what’s eating up all the cpu usage, even if it’s not a bug. Also, Spybot alerts you of registry changes, blocks bad pages, and immunizes your system, so you can pr0n surf with peace of mind.

I have tried it with spybot, but not hijackthis, I will download it now
here is my hijack this log

The best place for help with hijackthis is a forum dedicated to it, like . There are others out there too. I don’t know how to read it like they do, I just kill entries I don’t like the looks of. :spin: only because I know what all the normal processes are. I have very few things installed here.

I don’t really want to join another forum, I an on a blender forum, a flash forum, a php forum. I don’t need any more forums. However I am now almost positive it is from a faulty driver. I use my dads laptop every once and a while, it has almost the exact same setup as I have on this computer. It only has 300mhz as a processor, and 302mb of ram, it can hardly run windows but the idle cpu usage is anywhere from 0%-3%. The only difference is that the monitor can only get up to 1024 X 768 , the drivers are different and the hardware isn’t the same. I don’t think it is the best idea to be disabling drivers though.

EDIT: by unplugging all of my hardware (my external hardrive, my wi-fi card, my webcam, etc. I only left in my keyboard, mouse, moniter and speakers. The cpu went down quite a lot. services.exe only used up 3 percent!

I am still having this problem, and people seem to have stopped replying.

I have 2 services.exe running, is that a bad thing? Do any of you have two or just one? I tried suspending the bottom one and I got my cpu down to 5%