Crazy, crazy knife tool

Is anyone else having trouble with the new knife tool?

It’s behaving really weird for me. When I input a cut pattern, sometimes it skips an edge. If I tell it to put a vertex in the middle of a face, it often decides not to.

Sometimes it doesn’t even know what faces I’m trying to cut … I have a suspicion this is because it isn’t ignoring hidden mesh faces, but I’m not sure yet.

Oh, and editing mesh with subsurf on doesn’t work either.

Anyways, is there any other settings I should be aware of when using the knife tool, or are these just bugs, and I shouldn’t have to worry about them?

Note: I’m using the newest 2.63 release.

I reported a problem there regarding the knife that couldn’t cut correctly in some condition :
Howard Trickey acknowledged it, but said it would take time to fix.

Do you think the problem you have is similar ? if you think it is different, you should report the bug in the hope it’s going to be fixed on the bug tracker.

Yes, that is a similar behavior to one of the problems it’s been giving me, although I never noticed the orientation to matter.

Sometimes however it doesn’t even recognize an edge and will pass right over it without inserting a new vertex. It’s so buggy I often can’t use it at all.