Crazy Farm

hey guys

I’m just working on an old scene, and I wanna finish it as soon as I can because I’m kinda bored. :o
Rendering is done in Yaf(a)ray : Pathracing + a sun lamp
Pathracing setting : Path (then no photons there…)
I’m getting some black dots on the right of the final render, and I don’t know how to get rid of them. I moved the sun lamp a bit and it seems that I’ve got less dots but they’re still here.
Any help ?

thanks :wink:

I forgot to mention that the background is a matte painting using some images from a disney’s movie, and the hills are from Big buck bunny as the rocks.

You might want to adjust the background a little so that it represents the colour theme more accurately… I mean the colors there seem to faded to me :slight_smile:
About the black dots, I have no idea :frowning:
Otherwise - great work!