Crazy Flickering BMP Maps!

I’m having huge trouble getting a render without flickering bmp maps. And aliasing. I must have done 40 test renders yesterday and although I have improved things the results are still bad.

Here’s a .blend. Warning, 23 megs.

Thanks for your help.

As far as I have experienced flickering is caused by faces/surfaces being too close together. Your model has surprisingly more edges than vertices…is that possible??? Removing doubles and re-aplying edge-split reduces the number of edges on the main object by 2000. Not sure where you’re going with this one, but high vetices + armatures ? = your mama’s richer than mine!

Where do you see edge count displayed?

Face count and vertex count are in the same neighborhood.

I removed doubles and even turned off subsurf - it still flickers :frowning:

Top right-hand side…Ve: Vertice Ed: Edge Fa: Face…

Also when Control-N is applied to the main object it all flips around…

Huh - I only have Ve and Fa. No Ed.

Ctrl-N isn’t changing the normals for me, and they all appear to be pointed out. Strange.

Here’s a .blend showing the flickering bmp map problem with a noise texture on a cube:


Render the .blend and look for the swimmy flickering in these areas:

Got a screen resolution here of 1280 X 1024 a nice crisp Phillips 170S - I see no ‘swimming’ on the vertical faces, and detect only a slight shift on the top face. As the cube is moving in relation to the lamp, and the top is most lit, this doesn’t strike me as odd. We have some cheap Dell monitors at my work with less horizontal line resolution…will check it later and see if it displays differently…

Checked it again at 100% and no ‘swimming’ - even on the cheap monitors ???

Maybe talk nicely to your computer ? Sorry can’t help more…

This is bizarre.

Could it all be a video card problem?