Crazy flipper

(Cotaks) #1

THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN ABANDONED, due to this way of creating a pinball machine is way to heavy for most users, converting everything into python etc. is to much work at this point, so i have decided to ditch this project. HOWEVER the pinball machine stays in the air till the website webhost says we get no traffic so we take it down. The complete source (python/blends/etc.) is included, and free to use, Remember my game may not be sold to anyone, as long as it is in the air it should be free for everyone.


This will be my first project that is available to the public.
What is it about? It is about a pinball machine.

I followed some german tutorials to get me started and from there i made it better and added some things, of course there will be more to add, and more to do in a later version, but for now i released an alpha version.

I could use some feedback about how it plays, do you like it, what would you see changed and all those stuff.
Also if you find bugs you can report them here and i will take a look at it/try to fix it for a later version.

Crazy flipper

Crazy flipper(v0.12) can be downloaded from:

At this point there is only a Windows 64 Bit version.

I hope you like it, and are able to try it out.


.exe file not working
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(Nicholas_A) #2

I’m interested to know how you achieved the peculiar physics effects when the ball is shot off the the flipper or the round things at the top.

(Cotaks) #3

That was exactly the thing i was looking for for years until a german person made a tutorial, in short animations do all the work.
long way…here is the tutorial i followed: (i adjusted a lot after that video, but that’s the basics i used)

(Uniday Studio) #4

Very polished game. You’re on the right way: Keep it simple!

Good Job!

(Cotaks) #5


  • Uploaded a new version v0.1, fixed the bug where the ball could get stuck in the flipper. there is still a small chance that it boost the ball in speed
  • added in-game score board (nothing fancy yet, just to show the scores)

(APilch) #6

Very fun game, but it seems a little choppy. Both the highest and lowest settings played the same for me, so I’m thinking it has something to do with the physics. It wasn’t bad by any means, but the frame rate seems noticeably low for a pinball game.

(Cotaks) #7

That is possible, substeps are on its max, else it wont play fluid at all.
Also (my bad) those ‘lights’ are using 2k textures, i will reduce them in size tomorrow.

another thing could be the lights giving the problem, i will also make a light toggle into the launcher for the next version.

What system do you play on?

(Cotaks) #8

Uploaded verion 0.12.
made a new video for it as well.


  • v0.12
    Cleaned up the launcher, it will now give feedback.
    Added dynamic lights and ball trail options
    Created error handling for the scoreboard. no crash/freeze when it cant get the highscores.
    Added ball trail effect
    Changed the save lane indicatora
    Fixed the flipper bugs
    Redone the physics settings, gameplay has changed a tiny bit.
    Reduced some textures in size
    Added some new textures

Highscores are reset with this version.

Let me know how it works out for you, thanks!

(APilch) #9

Windows 7. My specs are pretty bad by today’s standards, I bought it I think back in 2012: HP Pavillion DV6 AMD 4500M 4G RAM I’m a good base model for low end PC’s lol

(Cotaks) #10

That’s indeed a nice test rig for low/mid end, trust me yours ain’t so bad, i’ve seen way worse these days. Had a few test rigs and laptops on work, they cant even start my game, due to crappy video card xD. (old ‘opengl’ stuff)

Anyway you can run it but a bit choppy, how bad is it? Due to i guess it are the near sensors that i use (a lot). Atm i think there are about 30 of them, when i convert everything it will be only 1.

I can’t work full time on my pinball machine, first prio was to fix the bugs, if i can’t find more / no one reports more then i’m going to convert everything into python. This will be the biggest performance increase i can give, but this will take a while, need to finish an other project first.

([ITA]BGE) #11

Hi Cotaks, watch the server have some problem and it’s not possibile to dowload the game.

(Cotaks) #12

Fixed it, and should work correctly once again.