Crazy Frog

Most British people here must know of the phenomenon that is the Crazy Frog. He started life as a ringtone for mobile phones, and now has a single being released soon. All he does is pretend to be a motorbike saying “ring ding ding ding… bwoaw… baaab… weeeeeEEEE!”

I, for one, have had enough of the bloody freak. Here, I have attempted to blend. Why, you ask? Once I have created him, he shall be mine to do with as I please.

C&C are welcome, as are new and ingenious ways to torture the sod.

Great work, the bugger deserves a beating or 62. I’m sure if you had a website with some different animations of him getting what he deserves you would have a LOT of hits.

AHHHH even Here!!! I think he’s following me. I just can’t get rid of him. Am I paranoid or what!?!? plz just post a picture where you toture him :wink:

In fact, Crazy Frog comes from sweden, he was a test to some new functions in a program. The sound is even older (Think from 96 or something). And he who created him realy hate that everybody call him “The most anoying thing”


i dont care about torture,just rip the little freak into a million pieces allready

if its not on tele its on websites advertising,
it`s driving me nuts,

i cant even play music on my computer anymore cause of that damn thing interupting my life,GRRRRRRRRRRR…


This totally reminds me of my 3dstudio-max past…

…Anyone here remember “The Dancing Baby?”
Surely the most hated character in cg-history:

See? Thousands of them all over the net…so you can come there with
your superfrog… hah! :slight_smile:

Anyway - nice work, it really does look like him

I remember that was “high-tech” back then. I also remember that those space shuttle animations (news clips) from NASA were high-tech back in the 80’s. Maybe my next project is to make a 80’s style NASA shuttle clip.

Some more inspiration for you…
CRazy Frog vs Axel F.

Yes… thanks for showing me that music video. That’s what tipped me over the edge into this homicidal mood that I’m currently in. I see there’s lots of support for me to kill the freak’n frog, so I’ll push ahead with it.

Here’s the basic completed frog. Next step is to rig him up with some armatures. No evil torturing ideas yet?

Those teeth are just begging to get knocked out, face plant into a pole, followed by the blue critter spitting out half his teeth?

Don’t kill him - make him suffer like I suffered when I had to watch him almost every moment. I’ve got an idea - chain him to a wall and make him watch the ringtone commercial until he begs for mercy - then turn the sound on :wink:

Is that a little pee-pee that I see there? He needs a tiny jock-strap or something.

I saw some nice head shots on suzanne on a wip a while back…a script or something. That’s exactly what he deserves. The company that sells him ripped me on lots of money so the hate I feel has no limits… :<

Original site with history:
Axel Foley site (clip not available, try elRellano for download iso Flash):
Kaktusfilms under ‘Projects’

Here in Belgium, Jabra is calling the Annoying Thing ‘Albert Motard’ for their ringtone business.

I don’t care how he dies. Just kill him slowly and painfully… But make sure he’s gagged.

Suggested methods of torture/assasination :
Shoot it with a ballista.
Decapitate with a sword.
Decapitate with a lightsabre.
Hit it with a catapult shot.
Fire it from a catapult into a wall.
Drop 50 tonne weight onto its head.
Put in car crusher.
Lightning strike.
Meteor strike.
Firing squad.
Bear trap.
Throw to sharks.
Roast over a spit !
Drop from high altitude.
Burn its eyes out with a magnifying glass.
Nail gun attack.

That’s all I can think of for now. I suggest rendering a whole series of deaths and setting them to the last minute or so of the 1812 Overture…

It is indeed very strange to have 2 pupils on one eyeball, namely the right eye, in this case… this little guy obviously has no shame, annoying as all get-out and priorities completely out of whack… having cover for his head, but not for his schlong…

I vote for A multy turtore session. like Shooting squad while lightning strike.

for all you that say he should be coverd up hes just a baby frog heres a shot of his dad ::caution frog nudity::

S’true about the heritage there.
I was most put out when I heard that sound for the first time on TV with the frog.
I remember it years back. Some kid had a flash movie which was a static picture of a formula one car and him making that damn noise in the background.
The challenge was to stare fixedly at the image without laughing.

The frog is pretty slick though mate. The adverts are also pretty impressive for what they show. In some ways I think that there is more effort put into the later ads than the subject matter (bloody mobile phones) merits.