Crazy GIF Animation thread!

(bmax) #1

Lock away, moderators! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in a good mood today. I am easily amused.

(WhiteBoy) #2

Didn’t we just have an obnoxious GIF thread a few months ago?

(bmax) #3

No way… :o

This one’s bettar anyway!!!11

(digital_me) #4

So? We can always use another one. Or three.
Sorry, I don’t have my collection anymore (is on old hdd), but I will find some!!!11eight 8)

(knellotron) #5

(osxrules) #6

What movie is that one from knellotron?

(StrikerMunc) #7

I swear I sat there laughing for 10 minutes watching knellotrons, wow it’s funny the things that crack me up. I’m gonna watch this one at school all freakin’ day, lol.

(orion119net) #8

those are great.

especialy the one with luke in it…

(PassiveSmoking) #9

(Hippie) #10

knellotron’s gif is from a Swedish comedy called “Kopps”. Pretty funny film.
Here’s the IMDB link:

(bmax) #11

(rndrdbrian) #12

Obey the force of the wibbly wobbly gif:

(Alex_G) #13

1.5mb but well worth the wait and it pretty musch streams anyway

(stolen from

(Duoas) #14

Well, this isn’t an abnoxious GIF, but I thought you all might enjoy it here anyway.

Paris Hilton doesn’t change facial expressions

(bmax) #15

^Seen that as a GIF too somewhere. I’ll try to find it.