Crazy GIF Animation thread!

Lock away, moderators! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in a good mood today. I am easily amused.

Didn’t we just have an obnoxious GIF thread a few months ago?

No way… :o

This one’s bettar anyway!!!11

So? We can always use another one. Or three.
Sorry, I don’t have my collection anymore (is on old hdd), but I will find some!!!11eight 8)

What movie is that one from knellotron?

I swear I sat there laughing for 10 minutes watching knellotrons, wow it’s funny the things that crack me up. I’m gonna watch this one at school all freakin’ day, lol.

those are great.

especialy the one with luke in it…

knellotron’s gif is from a Swedish comedy called “Kopps”. Pretty funny film.
Here’s the IMDB link:

Obey the force of the wibbly wobbly gif:

1.5mb but well worth the wait and it pretty musch streams anyway

(stolen from

Well, this isn’t an abnoxious GIF, but I thought you all might enjoy it here anyway.

Paris Hilton doesn’t change facial expressions

^Seen that as a GIF too somewhere. I’ll try to find it.