Hey guys

Here is another lovely short from weybec
hope you like it .

All production files are available now for free download on


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OK this is single handily one of my favorite things I have ever seen on this forum. So many people try and make realistic and gritty projects, but these cute and simple jewels are my favorite. If you can’t tell, I really like this! Two thumbs up

This is really, really great! :slight_smile:

Brought a smile to my face. Great job!

COol! :slight_smile: Happy New Year :slight_smile:

One the the purest project I’v ever seen here. Great job !!!

Amazing work!

One question, why did the subdivided mesh switch back to the low-poly cage at the end? you can see the change at 1:04
Just curious , and other than that a cute animation!

to bad you posted it after the holidays :wink:

The background style is really appealing. The only thing I found a little out of place was the tree texture; nothing else seemed to have so much detail.

Really great animation work, though. :slight_smile: Glad I clicked this.

next time i see a hot girl building a snowman ill run into it and get married :slight_smile:

that is not “off”. its to avoid the attention of the viewer to be drawn to the background.

hahaha make sure u wear a mistletoe hat…


Thank you… you are right actually. we tried some very simple textures on tree before,but then it wasn’t matching with the fall leaves.


Great little story, fun song, and a fantastic job on this.

Thanks a lot and we wanted to make it look different and bit of like plastic model ,so thats why we changed it in that shot :slight_smile:

Man Draguu and Nita teaming up making all of us little Blender heads look bad;) Just kidding hehe I wouldn’t expect any less from you too and the rest of your team. Great concept and execution, love the style. I agree tho too bad it didn’t come a little before Christmas but I understand how that goes sometimes there is just not enough time and making sure the final product is right is more important:) I hope to see more from the two of you in the near future:)

Why does the camera shake in the final zoom out?

@Esparadrapo we did real shooting for that last shot for tracking… but then decided to make it in 3d. :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha thanx @DerekG1080 . rendering is a hard job. there were corrections after corrections ,otherwise it was ready to be released on new year…