Crazy growth on Blender Artists this month!

Fun fact: I was just looking at our site dashboard and noticed that over the last 30 days, we had a 50% increase in pageviews as well as strong growth in new users other metrics. 2.80 is kicking in :slight_smile:

(Red bars = web crawlers, light blue bars = anonymous users, dark blue bars = logged in users)


These gaps (most clear to see in DAU/MAU stats) are the weekends, I guess? I’m not good at all in interpreting such data, but I would have assumed people browse the forum more at weekends.

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Correct - those are the weekends. Seems the userbase is shifting more towards professionals these days, who are online during work days.


Cool, and deserved!

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I browse the forum almost only during workdays as a form of procrastinating at work


Maybe people don’t read at weekends, so they can accumulate enough unread topics to fill the workdays :smiley:

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