Crazy Hair

I’m working on some hair for a character. I’m using a clump setting of 1.0, because I heard from this forum that that worked pretty well for anime-style hair. The problem is that it’s a little wild. I made the hair a separate object (by duplicating and separating the scalp). Should I have done this? Also, the hair is a little wild, and when I go over it with the comb thing, it all disappears. Why is that? Also also, is there a way to give the hair weight? How would I do that?

Thanks a lot. I’m sorry I don’t have pics, but the files are all on my other computer.

post some pics

Go to the thread above you, The great hair experiment has a great link to a pdf tut on hair so far it looks great!

Also I had some problems too, when I tryed to add hair the tool would not let me add,
so I added just a little hair then opened the comb tools, then I tyred add and it worked,
after using the tools , my computer would lock up alot. so save all alot. finally made my hair you can see it at eyebrow hair cool.