Crazy idea for ordering blender what to do

i just had this crazy idea,

talking to blender.

For example when i say shade less the object i have is shade less

i say scale i get into scale mode etc…

it would be very fast i think.

what do you think ?

I think it would be slower than pressing the s key.

I say you can already do that with all hotkeycommands and any voice recognizion software (voice commander for instance) and that Lamoot is so right.

voice recognition power is pathetic at the moment. let’s wait until the technology is advanced enough to understand natural languages.

I talked to a computer at one moment and got a sore throat : they are such asses !


Its bad enough when you have to talk to them on the phone.

With a reasonably constricted lexicon fairly modern stuff is actually quite good. Word by word stuff isn’t great, but it doesn’t need to be if you can parse some kind of context (even basically with something like the google distance)

Maybe you could try this out (I might, just for fun):

My thought is you’d have to fine-tune a very specific way of speaking to Blender, such as “scale - x - 1”, "rotate - z - 90"and always say it the same way, same tone. As a proof-of-concept, it’s actually a pretty cool idea, but as those before me mentioned, not really practical in a normal production sense. Still- I may try it anyway…just to try it.

I think Bill Gates has foreseen this communication with computers some years ago. But still it seems more difficult than it seems.

Windows Only: “Dragon Naturally Speaking 10” is a very good speech recognition program. You can also control most applications with it.

What about a ubiquity-like behavior? The ubiquity plugin for Firefox.

You could assign a hotkey or command to Blender events on-the-fly.
E.g. hit “s” to scale, apply a modifer and unwrap something spherically.

What if sum 1 from behind,shouts “EXIT” and u havn’t saved your work???

loooooooooool :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick translation:

What if sum 1 from behind,shouts “EXIT” and u havn’t saved your work???

What if someone behind you shouts “Exit!”, and you haven’t saved your work?

C’mon, lets make and effort.

It’s an interesting idea, but I agree that hotkeys are at least as fast, if not faster. However, things like this would be useful for computers mounted in bathrooms and such. It sounds like overkill, but if you could navigate through your email and the news while you were showering and getting ready, and just have them read to you, that’d be pretty cool…

I’ve been watching too any sci-fi movies lately haha.

Thanks, just woke up and got a good laugh to start!

Now back to topic …
After seeing the movie IronMan, talking to computers is most certainly the way to go if you want to get stuff done :wink:
On the other hand, if voice commands could be implemented, that would make Autodesk cry on their knees.
Then again, i would just be happy if we could drag scene objects onto layer buttons … i’m easy to please :slight_smile:

In Ironman wasn’t he expressing macro commands? This would be cool, condensing multiple clicks and string entries (names and paths etc) into a verbal command. “Blender get stone material for wall object” Blender looks to materials folder and attaches stone to our wall obj. How many clicks and drags would that be?
This is probably a poor example but I don’t think replacing single clicks is a much use.

well it would be good for inputing numbers, and some people only have 1 arm.
And like LanC said if there are only like 50 words it won’t be that big of problem.

AFAIK Blender still lacks support for international characters.

Just as a quick example if I write portuguese words with accent çéá Blender reads 'ç’é’á … It is not a big issue, but it`s annoying if you wanna use variables and comments in your own language.

And now you are talking about voice recognition …
You guys are crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

(But I would love to test this feature… ‘Blender, please exit the GameEngine without crashing :D’)

It would be very interesting to see how an intuitive command based system worked. Such as Ubiquity for Firefox, or Gnome-Do, for Ubuntu.

I can see it being very efficient, if implimented correctly.

Hey guys , i see this idea is interesting at least , what isay is not controll everything in blender via voice but maybe just as a help, if we can move the mouse and at the same time make the object shadeless for example .

so we could do 2 things at the same time , faster , anyway its just an idea.