crazy ideas come during depression...

(NateTG) #1

it hit me reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy hard when I logged on to during my spare block at school, only to find “the notice.” (Somebody please tell me this is a bad dream) So I spent the rest of the day grumpy… because now there is nothing to do in my spare… except study… but that’s ridiculous. :wink:

anyho, i got this crazy idea: is there anyway we (as a userbase) could raise money for NaN? Like could we sell… oh I don’t know… something… and make money… It would take major organization… we would need to raise popularity… but maybe I could talk the computer animation teacher at my school into investing a little… (it would be way less than we paid for MAX, anyway.)

i don’t know… maybe i am disillusional, because of severe depression… somebody give feedback…


(stephen2002) #2

Even if we raise, say a few thousand dollars, that won’t help NAN much. I am sure they have some rather large bills to pay off and it takes a lot of money to run a company. The issue is that NAN dosn’t have a product that is going to sell. Not very many people want to make games using Blender.