Crazy lawsuits, including one who is suing 4 gaming companies at once.

Along comes this gamer banned from the PlayStation network (and hot on the heels of gamers suing because they were banned from Xbox live because they played pirated games);title;2

Among the accusations
-He couldn’t get on the Wii homebrew channel because otherwise he needs Super Mario Galaxy to unlock a character for Mario Kart.

-He wants Microsoft to pay him 75,000 dollars because he can’t afford 100 dollars to fix his broken Xbox 360.

Then he cites the Declaration of Independence as a reason why it’s justified among other thing.:eek:

Now where’s all those facepalm pics. again?

Just ridiculous - that is . . . an absolute disgrace to the intellect of the average consumer. Only one thing that frustates me more is poor spelling. Have a great day!

Now where’s all those facepalm pics. again?

Oops…not a facepalm pic, my bad :wink:

LOL M@dcow

Can we keep this thread on topic please? Put the creationist heckling in the proper debate threads please (if the topic title or Theeth calls for it)

No topic “calls” for this crap.

Back on topic, there was a lawsuit filed by a burglar against the owners of the house he was robbing. The owners were on vacation, and the burglar got locked in garage and couldn’t come out. He had to survive on dog food for a month. He actually won the case.

He demands money because microsoft wouldn’t fix his xbox for free? I got RRoD, and Microsoft fixed my xbox for free without any pursuation whatsoever. But it took 5 f***ing months.

This is so american, i cant beleave these guys actually gets money sometimes too…
My face hurts from my palm…

Well, I’ve heard about an even stupider lawsuit. There was a guy who ate at McDonalds every day, and sued them for not saying that he was going to become fat. And he actually got money.

Korkade amerikanare…

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Actually it seems to be fake: #3

Let me guess, he is 17 and he is Linux user who figured out he can make MS pay somehow for all his frustration all these years even though he has been using Linux since his 11th birthday.

Sorry to give you beep but you should really practice what you preach.

Well, that was my implication, although I admit I didn’t look it up myself. I just suspected.

Nope, just another windows (l)user…

Who else would derive a significant portion of their ‘happiness’ from a microsoft product?

Or try to ‘embrace, extend and extinguish’ Lockean political theory?

Or get banned from a forum for blatantly trolling?

Guess I shouldn’t believe everything I hear on the streets. :wink:

Interestingly enough I didn’t know I heard this in 2001 — seems like such a long time ago yet I suppose I must have.

Darn it, snopes. you dash my dreams of easy money…I guess I’ll have to fetch my hamster from the Blender now.

Hey…that gives me an idea to make this thread useful…add your own!

Urbana, OH - Man charged with Internet Porn

A man was arrested and held on $50,000 bail when his own wife turned him in for violating the state’s pornography laws by finding alleged porn on his computer. His wife became suspicious when “he started spending all his time on the computer and forums” and one day mentioned a “gallery of amazing pictures.” The wife used the browser’s history feature to find “many pictures of naked women in perverse poses, arms outstretched, shaved, and with sick body art that detailed their every curve.” She found others with the same girls in various stages of undress, and one particularly disturbing one with blood smeared all over her dress. The main site visited seems to originate in the Netherlands, and, well, enough said.

Again… movies where people are beheaded with shovels and ripped apart while still alive, screaming “CHOKE ON EM!” to the zombies eating his guts… perfectly fine. Picture of breasts: EVIL!!!

I don’t get people at all.

One answer: Christianity. Religion and sex dont mix, also Christian people love seeing blood. If you ever watch “The God Who Wasn’t There” you will see what im talking about.