Crazy lines with cardboard texture

Hey blenderartists - quality site by the way, amazingly useful.

I’m just making a simple cardboard box at the moment, but the textures have me stumped. I’ve been using a cardboard texture I took with my camera (see below) and it comes out fine on the top of the box, but the sides have running lines and looks pretty ugly.

I’ve got the material buttons set to TexFace (is that correct?), the spec right down and the texture material set up right, but how can I get away the streaks?
Here’s the current render:

Heres the cardboard texture I made:

The top of the box looks fine, but the sides all wrong. Whats the reason for this, and how can I correct it?

Im mucking around as I post this because its late and works on tomorrow, plus I’ll learn better if I fix it myself, but if anyone can give any help before I figure it out (if I do) it’d be really appreciated.

Thanks guys

edit: the hyperlink for the texture doesnt work, reuploading

edit2: Ah im an idiot - texture as a cube. Staring me in the face. Thanks anyway guys.

the reason is that the image-texture is projected down from the top of the box. On the top and bottom of the box, the texture is fine, but on the sides your getting a one-pixel-wide line of texture stretched all the way down the side.

The quickest solution is to click the Map Input tab in the Material buttons, and press “cube”. This means that the texture is mapped onto all the surfices of a cube, which is what your box essencially is.

Have a look at for more info.

coo, thanks a lot yog!