Crazy Online retailer OCUK every single graphics card going back to the Pascal era OUT OF STOCK

Every graphics card on their site has no pricing information and just a blurb saying Coming Soon! No matter if you look for the GeForce 10 series from 2016, the 20 series or the 30 series which is the newest. Is this some kind of April fools joke… Did the PC gaming addictions reach epidemic proportions?
I just want to upgrade my Blender Workstation PC so i can be more productive… I have no interest in video gaming. I can’t even upgrade from my GTX 1070.

It’s not Gaming… it’s Crypto Mining. Kinda bonkers yes -_-

Nope i just heard yesterday from Tom of Moore’s Law Is Dead, he said all the best information points towards GAMERS as the culprits for buying all the stock of video cards not miners.
Sad addicted unproductive gamers, stopping productive people from working.

Honestly, in this specific case I’m quite delighted you’re not getting a new GPU, and am very happy for the ‘GAMERS’ who ‘stole the cards’ from you.

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