Crazy problem with curve modifer. Please explain strange behaviour

Hi !

I just pulled my hair so hard I’m bald now…

I had quite a difficult time modeling a “swan neck” articulated lamp. I used an array, and a curcve modifier.
And for some reason, the “arrayed” object kept jumping up 1 unit when the curve modifier was turned on.

I went back to the mpty scene and tried to figure out what was going on.
I came up with that file:Curve modifier.blend (359 KB)

Basically you’ve got:
a cone (Entered Edit mode and scaled 10 times for clarity. so SCALE is still 1:1:1)
a BezierCurve, the default one.
A curve modifier on the cone, pointing to the bezier.

As simple as that !

Now, if you toggle the buttons as the bottom, things are fine for X, Y, -X, -Y, -Z.
By fine, i mean that the cone moves to the start of the curve and is aligned as it should.
Now why does Z behave differently ???
OK, orientation is correct, but it is placed 1 unit(meter) away from the start of the curve !

Try playing with the curve, moving the handle, etc…

I use Win7 64, blender 2.60.0

I’d appriciate ANY type of reaction: confirmation, explanation, mocquery, etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried your blend file. Changing the modifier deformation axis buttons just changes the rotation of the code at the start of the curve, not its location.
Blender 2.62, it may be a bug in your old release, update.

Rhhhhhhaaa !!!
You were spot on Richard : problem doesn’t appear with the testbuild of Blender 2.63 !

Man, i thought that was me not understanding something properly, but no, just a good old bug… I lost 1.5 hours.

Thanks !