crazy render problems

what the crap causes this to happen in my render?

this is what my screen looks like:

looks like you have some duplicate faces or other thing to cause zbuffer error

does it go away if you turn off shadows and ray tracing? if so it is probably becasue of either what I just asked or because your bias is too low [non-ray spot lamp]

are your normals correct? does your mesh look okay if you turn off double sided [edit buttons]…

no duplicate faces. normals are correct. shadows ray tracing and lamps have nothing to do with it. only certain camera in my scene do this even though all of my cameras have the same setting, exept for a few that have ortho mode on. this has to be a bug.

Looks like a duplicated mesh to me.

As for the renders with the inside of the dragon visible, select the camera and adjust the clipsta and clipend properties.

its a single mesh. i have already adjusted the viewing distance of the cameras to maximum.
here is a picture that is not messed up.

Try adjusting clipstart and clipend so that they only just cover the whole scene, with only a small amount of extra space on each side.

that was odd but it seems to have fixed it.

When blender renders, it decides which face should be shown with a z-buffer - it records how far away each face is at each pixel, then takes the closest one. The zbuffer for each pixel is a 32-bit number, so it can store about 4 billion different distances.
If the clipstart and clipend for the camera are very far apart, the distance between two zbuffer values can get such that blender could think two faces are in the same place, even when they’re not. This results in artefacts that look like you have doubled faces, even when you don’t.