crazy russian character

My first trying on character design, i hope it will be better:

a forbidden linking ad in german?

(have to remind us occasional IE users to copy/paste the link)

I think it needs:
hair on the top of head (even if crazy one or two long in odd direction)
a body
and the beard shouldn’t be as dark

This linking ad wasn’t planned, stupid free webspace.
And thank you for your critic.

beardy wacko :stuck_out_tongue: reminds me of a character from the first monkey islands :stuck_out_tongue:

I like him, but you could improve it by setting the black inner mouth material to ‘shadeless’.

nice hint

i’m from russia, i don’t see anything russian in him…


ehhhh mystery didn’t u say u where from australia before?

Nah, he’s from Russia, and I’m too… and I don’t see anything Russian in that character aswell.

More of a New Jersey type person from the hills.

After a long work for me at my character design abilties I did this new version
of the crazy russian "Rasputin Gorbatschow"™ for a startrek™ spoof.
Ok, the head isn’t much better but it is a big leap for me.

Warning, it is a bad webspace and copy and paste the link to see the image.

He looks more like a deranged cartoon character to me, but then again this is a WIP.

dead link

he, I’m dutch and I do see a lot of russianity in him :smiley: :smiley:
He’s certainly not dutch…

(just wanted to fool around)

i have a bunch of Russian freinds and they all look Oriental, not Anglo like,… :wink:

I am from Russia and I don’t see anything russian in this freak, sorry.


No, really… He’s typically Russian. And I could now I know a lot of them…
Korbatsjow (or something like that),
and of course tatu…
They all look almost exactly like this guy, especially the girls of tatu