Crazy Steve's Safety Fiesta

Hey Everyone,
We finished our animation for the FRC robotics safety animation competition.
We took so long to post it here after we made it because we were SUPPOSED to use 3ds max, but decided to use blender. The competition ended yesterday, and we came in the top 6 out of 85 but did not win, so I figured that it would be okay to post it here.

Here’s the video:

If you’re going to vote, please post a reply as to why you voted that way!

Here’s a screen shot:

Let me know what you think!

If you’re going to vote, please post a reply as to why you voted that way!


What no posts yet? This is awesome! I love this video. It made me laugh for like 10 minutes straight!

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Anyone else?

You did a good with the camera. I have to say the video is fast for me. The feeling is there with the cheap background, the music and confetti everywhere!



The limit was 30 seconds for the animated part(not counting the title or the credits), so it had to be fast.

More comments and crits are appreciated!!!


that video is soo great, allthough its not quite my humor (very often jokes like that appear i think) the video and its optic / visualization is just great !!!
I will also show it peaple not related to 3d, cause its work like that through which I can be proud of blender !

Wow! I think this is impressive! The character animation is a slight bit stiff at some points and the belly jiggles a bit too much, but other than that…wow! Great work! I also love the comedy in the simplicity of the background and the camera shake! Very impressive all the way around.

wow this is pretty amazing! maybe a little much on the stomach jiggling but still very good!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!
I assure you, our team greatly appreciates it.