Crazy Truck ride

Did it months ago. But anyway. I have no idea what to call this. It was a fun project for a company that wanted something a ‘little’ bit less serious - more playful. These Robots each represent a division like Suadi-Arabia, Hydraulics, Scaffolding, Manufacturing. I’ve build them a year or two ago already. The truck was a quick build from a few references. I puffed-up the wheels a bit, but nothing major.

So this was just scene building…

The image was rendered A3 and had more poly’s than I’d care to admit.

The foreground, inside of the truck and the very thin arm of one of the robots (check the cyan colored one hanging on the right) are the only things bothering me now. Oh well. We all improve with time… I hope.


awesome. Great concept


Just have to mention. This will be printed in a book (Diary-like) form. What you see here is the front and back of the final print - without the details of the company.


very funny :slight_smile: