Crazy vélo!

Hi everybody,
I’m making a short film who called “Crazy vélo!”
Here is a bicycle

The model is really high quality, as i can see by here, i liked it, but the textures are kinda weird, u could try to make a REAL… i forgot the word to the black thing on the wheel ;b, anyway, u could make a real tire, not only the texture, u know?

Or in case you wanted to only texture the tire, you MUST uv unwrap it; and if you are going fore a more realistic look, try using a normal map.

Nice modelling btw.

why use a tire texture at all?

same methods apply to this tire.

Here is another image with wheel texture Thx ludemi84.

digitalwolf333 :I prefer use texture instead of modeling, otherwise it will be very heavy!
I will post a video turntable here when it finished rendering.

Here is a video with openGL render and Blender Renderer