Crazy Zbrush video

There’s a totally crazy time lapse of model editing in Zbrush at – I don’t know how to begin to describe the tools they’re using.

It’s a very capable multires mesh editor that outclasses anything I’ve seen.

amazing, you can do something like that in blender right?

amazing, you can do something like that in blender right?
Nope. Zbrush is lightyears ahead of Blender when it comes to sculpting.

In blender? Oh god I wish. I keep seeing that zbush alternative post on the boards and want to say nope there is no alternative even though i wouldn’t be referring to the aspect that the thread is about. They should send MK some money he probably helps sell around 100 or more zbrush3 boxes.


500$ hmmm I looooooooooooooove blender -> 0$

yes, ZBrush is great.
Blender can’ t do that because is not able to handle milions of poligons at the same time with the same speed.
Blender crashes even with 500.000 poligons on my pc… and Blender miss lot of features Zbrush has (like masks, layers, transpose, clone, extract geometry…) so 500$ is not so expensive if you need all these tools.
awesome video… the artist is martin krol.
(sorry, bad english)

I tried Zbrush 3 quite briefly at my friends place and all I can say is “oh my!”… It was so fast and effortless to sculpt things that I can’t even describe it… and it all comes with realtime viewport shadows and sort of SSS effect. I only tried the basic sculpting and it really was very enjoyable and fast to work even with really high polycounts.

Zbrush 3 lowered the resolution of the object when spinned or zoomed… Blender should probably use same method when spinning and manipulating the sculpted object…

Yep, Zbrush uses a lower subdiv level for displaying when doing a viewport action, just like Mudbox and Silo do.

Psycho Mantis says that Blender 2.5x sculpt mode will be fully featured professional tool that will make a good alternative to ZBrush. Oh wow…

where did you read that shuriku?

It’s a joke. ^^;

Psycho Mantis (voiced by Doug Stone and Kazuyuki Sogabe) is a psychic expert for the FOXHOUND unit. Prior to joining FOXHOUND, he worked with the KGB and the FBI. His special abilities include the psychic powers of psychokinesis and telepathy. He also claims to be able to read the future, but this is implied to be a use of telepathy to find out what his opponents will do next as opposed to true clairvoyance. In Metal Gear Solid Mantis encounters Snake twice, the first time he takes control of Meryl’s mind, the second encounter he and Snake do battle, with Mantis being defeated.

But i really do hope that sculpt tool will be developed further.

lol ok with all the alias(s) i thought maybe it came from a developer. You got my hopes up… hehe

That was wicked stuff. I’ve seen a lot of stuff made in Zbrush, but never had an opportunity to test it or see how it works. Wicked stuff.

well we all know that blender + a lot of time = pretty darn decent.

but wow i wish i had zbrush.

edit - and i wish i had a comp to run it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish I could drop 500 dollars without a second thought… but if that was the case I’d have already picked up photoshop and put the gimp away.

Blender can handle 6.5 millions polygons on linux 32 bit,3.2 millions on windows.
It’s not true that can handle only 500.000 polygons,as I have told ten and more times,the thing to do is simply disabling the undo,stop
Even Zbrush 3 has some problems,the perfect program doesn’t exist,it depend mainly on the skills of the user.

yes renderdemon, you are correct, but I said “on my pc” and disabling the undo in a software (imho) is not so usual.
btw, you are teaching us what blender can do, so, nothing more to say.

Even Zbrush 3 has some problems,the perfect program doesn’t exist,it depend mainly on the skills of the user.
Sometimes this program called pen and paper can beat Zbrush 3 so totally. It has awesome rendering capabilities. Too bad it’s a bit slow. :wink:

Oh man, Is there? I gotta get me that! I’ll pay anything! I don’t mind if it render’s slow as long as everything is at your finger tips! Just wait I’ll get a pen and paper and write down the details…

Peng You,sorry if my post has apperead a bit harsh,I only want to point out that Blender sculpt,even it’s not comparable with Zbrush 3 right now(but even Mudbox is really inferior compared to the fantastic Zbrush 3),it’s a good sculpt solution.Now we’ll see if nicholas is interested in improving that,the major difficoulties are number of polygons,really in zbrush 3 doesn’t exist such a limit,I don’t know if nick we’ll be able to do such things.